Thursday, September 15, 2011


Dudley Bought Two Tickets To The ...

Rangers second home game of the American League Division Series Playoffs yesterday. The Rangers have a three game lead in the AL West currently. The Rangers had a lottery to get a chance to purchase tickets. Frank and Dudley both signed up. Frank did not get drawn but Dudley did! The tickets were going fast Dudley logged on the website to buy tickets yesterday morning and got placed in the virtual waiting room. Dudley turned the volume up on the speakers and almost two hours later the alarm went off and Dudley got up and clicked on the pop up screen and got in and started searching for available tickets. Dudley's first several choices were not available and he ended up getting two tickets up on the third level behind home plate. The photo above shows the view of the field. Dudley decided not to go to this game, he will stay home and watch it on TV. Will let Frank take his girlfriend to the game if she can go or he can go with one of his other friends. Also bought a parking pass to the game. Hopefully the Rangers will win their division. If the Rangers can go all the way to the World Series again this year, Dudley will do his best to go to another World Series game, but that remains to be seen. Go Rangers!

Why wouldn't you go? Looks like pretty good seats and you can wave to the pilots in the blimp as it goes by. Maybe even get their autographs.

Frank is lucky to have a Dad like you! If his girlfriend doesn't want to go, I'm sure he'll have no difficulty getting one of his fishing/hunting buds to go. Failing that, there's always his sister!
Hey joated, I can see the game better on TV. If I went, would have to watch the game from my wheelchair. Last year being at a World Series Game was a lifelong dream but the people in front of me stood up almost the entire game and honestly I did not see much of the actual game. Frank will have fun and no doubt will not have any problem finding someone to tag along:)
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