Saturday, August 27, 2011


Frank And Dudley Went To The Ranger Game Last Night ...

and watched the Rangers beat the Angels 11 to 7. We got to see Derek Holland pitch a fantastic game and the highlight of the night was David Murphy's Grand Slam. We sat in the Upper Home Run Porch in the all you can eat section. The only bad thing was the heat. It did not get below 100 degrees until well after dark. Dudley will not be going to any more games during the hottest part of the summer unless he can get tickets to an air conditioned suite. Glad we went at any rate. Frank was just saying the other day after the Yankees hit a record 3 Grand Slams in one game that he had never seen a Grand Slam at a major league game. He has seen one now. Dudley is going to stay at home tonight and watch the Cowboys and the Rangers on television in the AC. Will be doing a lot of switching back and forth. Frank and Jeff are going to see Ted Nugent tonight in concert at Billy Bobs. Frank is a fan of Texas Country music mostly but he will be going to his first rock concert tonight. Can't wait to hear about his experience later tonight when he gets back home.

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