Sunday, August 14, 2011


Dudley Can Scratch Another Item Off His Bucket List ...

after going to hear and see Stevie Nicks Friday night. She put on a great show and it is hard to believe she can still rock at 63 years of age! Even harder to believe I have a crush on a 63 year old woman. She did a lot of her new songs and less of the old classics. Dudley did get to hear some of his all time favorites like Edge of Seventeen and Landslide. Also Rhianon and Gold Dust Woman and Stand Back. Stevie is a class act and Dudley got his moneys worth at this concert. She has a fantastic band backing her up with three guitar players, a piano player, keyboard player, drummer and percussion drum player as well and two female backup singers. Frank had to push Dudley up a steep ramp in his manual wheelchair but it wasn't that difficult for a 22 year old that pushes a lawnmower around all day in the Texas heat. Frank said this was not really his kind of music but he was impressed with the quality of the band especially Waddy Wachtel and his hard driving electric guitar. In two weeks, Frank and Jeff are going to see Ted Nugent so this was a good warm up. Dudley has now seen and heard both Linda Ronstadt (back in my college days) and Stevie Nicks. It was nice to go back in time thirty or more years for one night and listen to a legend sing her heart out!

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