Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Dudley Booked A Hunt Today ...

down in the Hill Country of Texas. Dudley is sending Frank down in his place to get some venison for the freezer. Frank did not get a deer last year and we are not going to go another year without any deer meat. Frank is going on a two day hunt on the West Kerr Ranch. It is an eleven thousand acre ranch located in western Kerr County near Mountain Home, Texas. It was once part of the famed Y.O. Ranch. Frank is going to have the opportunity to take three whitetail does and as a bonus one wild hog. Hopefully he will get a good eatin size hog of less than 100 lbs. He will be staying in a bunk house/cabin. They have a large outdoor BBQ grille where he can cook outside if the weather is good. They have facilities for hanging and field dressing game and a large walk in cooler on site. Frank should have a great hunt and be able to break in his new Kimber Montana and Leupold scope and stock up the deep freezer!

I'm sure Frank will have a great time. Hopefully it will aslo be productive.
I hope so Joated, he has a little over three months to prepare. Still has to get his new scope mounted on his new rifle and go to the range and put in some time at the bench.

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