Saturday, June 4, 2011


Frank Put Dudley's New Pole And Bird Feeders Up ...

yesterday afternoon. He got off work early and went to Tractor Supply and bought some bird seed for the Finch feeder for Dudley. He did a good job installing the pole and the squirrel baffle and the two feeders. Dudley had him put the pole halfway between the tree and the house. It has been out there about 24 hours and so far the squirrels have been unable to figure out a way to get to the feeders. They can be pretty good at figuring out a way to get to a bird feeder. Am seeing quite a few birds at the feeders so far. Dudley was able to find a feeder pole that was made in the USA. It cost a little more than one made in China or somewhere else but Dudley gladly paid a little more for a quality USA made product. Wish more people would do the same.

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