Friday, June 24, 2011


Frank And Jeff Left Yesterday Afternoon After Work ...

going to the Texas Gulf Coast for a week of fishing the saltwater. It is killing Dudley that he can not go but hopefully they will take lots of pictures. Today they are going to go on a free fishing trip offshore in a thirty something foot center console boat. They are going out with one of Jeff's cousins and his father. They are hoping to catch some Kingfish and if they are lucky maybe some Cobia (Ling) or if really lucky a Dorado or Sailfish. Don't know if they are just going to go out and fish some of the nearshore rigs or if they are planning on going farther offshore. They will have a great time at any rate. It is a real treat to get to go fishing offshore. They took the kayaks and are going to go here one or two days to try and catch some Redfish and Speckled Trout. At some point during the week, they are going to load up the power boats and go across Baffin Bay and go south down the Landcut many miles to Jeff's Grandfathers remote fishing cabin. They will fish all night under the generator powered lights off of the large dock in front of the cabin. Frank no doubt will be fishing mostly off the back of one of the boats with his fly rod. He will be competing with Jeff for the most fish caught on a fly rod and reel as Dudley gave him a fly rod and reel of his own last year. Hopefully the trout will be bigger this year. The last couple of years they have had to throw back ten undersized trout for each keeper. At any rate, Dudley hopes they have a safe trip, catch a bunch of fish and bring back some for the grill and that Frank takes lots of pictures!

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