Thursday, May 5, 2011


This Is The View Dudley And Frank ...

are going to have for game 4 when the Lakers play the Mavericks in Dallas at the American Airlines Center. We are going to be on the third level and hopefully Dudley will be able to make it to our seats. Was unable to get a wheel chair seat, they were sold out. Should only have to go up three rows from the tunnel. Should be able to make it with Franks help. Frank is going to push me in my wheelchair from the parking lot up as close as he can to our seats, We are going to go early so Dudley can try to get seated before it gets too crowded. Dudley sent his wife and daughter to a Mavericks playoff game a few years ago. Frank has never been to a Mavericks game before. If the Mavericks win game 3 on Friday, we could possibly see them sweep the Lakers in four games!

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