Saturday, May 14, 2011


Frank And Jeff Went Fishing This Afternoon ...

down on a private 30 acre lake near Stephenville, TX. They had a great time and caught between twenty and thirty Largemouth Bass. They caught several bass over sixteen inches in length that were released and quite a few under that length that they were able to put in the cooler and bring home. It was a beautiful day to be outside fishing. The high today was only about 75 degrees. A cold front blew in a few days ago and the weather cooled off quite a bit. It probably slowed down the fishing as well but you have to take the weather as it comes. Some of Dudley's greatest fishing memories are of past fishing trips years ago on a few private lakes with his dad. Am glad Frank was able to make some memories of his own today. He did not catch a ten pounder but that's OK. He gave it his best shot and that is what really matters.

Now those are BASS!
Yes they are. I was hoping to eat some bass for dinner tonight but Frank said he can't grill them tonight, he is going out with his girlfriend. Hopefully tomorrow.

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