Monday, May 9, 2011


Frank And I Saw The Mother's Day Massacre ...

yesterday at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. That is what some are calling the Mavericks sweep of the Lakers with a score of 122 to 86. It was an exciting game if you are a Mavericks fan. We had to sit in the nosebleed seats because that was all Dudley could afford. Two tickets up in the rafters still cost about 300 dollars when you add in the handling fees and cost of overnight shipping. We went early and parked in the disabled parking lot. Parking cost 15 dollars which was reasonable. We scored a parking place on the front row right across the street from the AAC. Frank pushed Dudley as close as possible to our seats in his manual wheelchair. With Frank's help, Dudley was able to climb the steps up to our seats. We had two seats on the end of the row which helped. It was Franks first time to go to an NBA game and Dudley's second. Dudley sent his wife and daughter to a Mavericks playoff game four or five years ago so it was our turn to go. Sure would be great to see the Mavericks win the NBA Championship.

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