Friday, May 13, 2011


Foxy Went To The Vet Yesterday ...

and got her vaccinations and a bath and haircut and treatment for fleas and ticks. Hopefully she will feel better with the shorter hair with the hot summer weather that we are experiencing already. Tomorrow however is going to get up into the mid 70's for a high if you can believe the weatherman. Should be great weather for Frank and Jeff's fishing trip tomorrow afternoon on a private 30 acre lake. Dudley had planned on going with Frank but his back has been bothering him a lot recently and is going to stay home and watch the Ranger game instead. I hope they catch a bunch of Bass. The lake is supposed to have fish up to ten pounds. It is managed and any fish they catch less than sixteen inches in length are kept to keep the lake from being overpopulated with bass. I hope they catch a bunch of keepers so Dudley can eat some Bass fillets. Hope they also catch some trophy bass of five, six, seven, eight, nine or ten pounds!

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