Friday, April 29, 2011


Frank Got His Rancho Quick Lift And RS9000XL ...

adjustable shocks installed today. Jeff met him early this morning at the 4wd store and he and Frank went to work in Jeff's truck. Jeff is working with Frank at the lawn service now so they share a ride most days anyway. Frank got off work early around 3:00 PM today and Jeff took him over to pick up his truck. Frank then came by the house and took Dudley for a ride. The front of his truck sits up about two inches higher than before and is now more level with the rear of his truck. Frank jumped a curb and we went off road down a power line right of way that runs near the Dudley domicile. Rancho makes quality suspension systems. Dudley has Rancho shocks and a Rancho steering stabilizer on our Jeep CJ-5. Dudley told Frank he needs to put a Rancho steering stabilizer on his truck as well. Hopefully he will do that one of these days. Dudley was only a couple of years older than Frank back in 1983 when he bought his Jeep. Dudley has had more fun through the years with that Jeep than the law should allow. Dudley can't drive the Jeep any longer but at least he has a lot of great memories.

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