Thursday, April 14, 2011


Frank Bought A New Scope Today For His New Deer Rifle ...

off of It is a Leupold VX3l 3.5 x 10 x 50 mm scope with CDS. CDS stands for custom dial system which is a bullet drop compensator. When he gets the scope, it will have a card in the box he can fill out and send in to Leupold. They will send him a dial calibrated to the bullets he will be shooting out of his new Kimber Montana deer rifle. He is planning on shooting Federal Premium in .308 caliber with Barnes Triple Shock TSX 150 grain bullets. The .308 is a versatile round and Frank will be able to hunt deer and hogs with this gun and could even take it Elk hunting with the larger grain bullets. Frank is going to have a very nice rifle and he should be able to shoot a 3/4 of an inch three shot group at 100 yards or close to it. We are looking forward to getting the scope mounted on the gun and the first trip to the range.

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