Saturday, April 16, 2011


Frank And Dudley Got Up This Morning And Went ...

to the 4 Wheel Parts Store to get a price on installing a pair of Rancho Quick-Lift Suspensions for the front of Franks truck and a set of Rancho RS 9000 XL adjustable shocks for the rear. They quoted a price that was too high and after some negotiating, Dudley got them to come down off of their initial price about $225.00. Frank told them to order the parts and he is looking forward to getting this done. It will raise the front end of his truck and level it out and will improve the ride over the stock Chevy suspension. Frank is amazed that Dudley can get someone to come down off their asking price. I told him everything is negotiable and that he better be taking notes as I would not always be around to help him out. Dudley made a living for many years negotiating Insurance Claim settlements with hard headed lawyers. Dudley can be pretty hard headed as well. You have to be to survive fifteen years in that business.

Like Frank, I'm not a haggler. My late father-in-law however....

He passed away at age 86 from complications following heart surgery. I believe that was 8 to 10 years after he got his first pace maker. See, he even haggled about the time of his death.
Thats Ok Joated, my father was not a haggler either. I cringe thinking about all of the vehicles he bought during his life and paid sticker price for them.

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