Saturday, March 26, 2011


Frank Went Fishing Yesterday After Work ...

with a couple of co workers. They went out to a local lake and fished from the bank in shallow water. Frank took his ultra light spinning rod and reel and was fishing with a live minnow under a float. He caught three crappie and brought them home. Dudley has not cleaned any fish in years and could not find the electric knife so Dudley made a quick trip to the local Sporting Goods store to purchase one. Dudley cleaned the fish and was glad to see he had not forgotten how. Frank and Jeff went back out there early this morning and are trying to catch some more. It got down into the upper forties so it may be slow until it warms up. I called Frank a little while ago and he had caught one so far. Hope they catch a bunch more, we are going to have a fish fry tonight!

Hope Frank brings home a mess of crappie. They sure look good! Be sure to post the pictures and a recipe for the final product of your joint effort.
Nice catch! I love a good Crappie fish fry. Hope Frank catches a bunch of them!
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