Sunday, March 6, 2011


Frank Bagged A Few Bags Of Leaves Today ...

which is the last of our leaves for this year. At least until they fall again in the fall. He bagged 42 bags today. This was the second go round, earlier he bagged 40 bags. He is going to be rewarded for his efforts. I don't pay him for yard work but I am going help pay for a trip down to Colorado Bend State Park down in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. He and Jeff are going to go down there with their kayaks to fish the Colorado River and try to get in on the spawning run of the White Bass or Sandbass as we Texans call them. If you hit the run right, you can catch a fish on every cast. They should have a great time fishing up against towering cliffs with their fly rods and ultralight spinning gear. They should see lots of whitetail deer and if they are lucky may see some Aoudad Sheep up on the cliffs overlooking the river. Dudley wishes he could go but is not able to physically make a trip like that any longer.

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