Monday, March 14, 2011


Dudley Relived A Part Of His Childhood Yesterday ...

afternoon. Was watching tv and heard an ice cream truck nearby. Had heard it the other day drive though the court in front of the Dudley domicile but was not prepared. Dudley has fond memories as a small child of hearing an ice cream truck in the neighborhood, which would result in a mad scramble with Dudley's mother looking in her purse for enough change to buy a Popsicle, Ice Cream Sandwich or an Eskimo Pie. Dudley remembers well chasing after the truck with the flashing lights and music playing loudly over speakers, either on foot or on his Sting Ray bicycle. Dudley remembers trying to decide on his purchase and then the satisfaction of enjoying the ice cream especially on a hot summer day. Yesterday upon hearing the ice cream truck approach, Dudley had his daughter bring him his wallet and he gave her all of the money he had, three dollars. After a short time, Dudley's daughter came running back in and said she needed another dollar. Her mother came to the rescue and she ran back outside and paid for her an ice cream treat and an ice cream sandwich for Dudley. Dudley walked out on the porch and waved at the driver. Let me tell you that ice cream sandwich was good. And the memories were even better!

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