Thursday, March 24, 2011


Dudley Bought Some Fishing Lures Today ...

oneline. He got a good deal on six spinnerbaits at two bucks each and eight jigs at one dollar a piece. He also bought some grub tails and some trailer hooks. In May, Dudley and Frank are going on a guided fishing trip for Trophy Largemouth Bass on a private 30 acre lake. The man doing the trips said we could expect to catch 25 to 50 bass a day with an average weight of 3 to 4 pounds with the possibility of fish in the ten pound class. The lake is professionally managed for trophy fish. Dudley was concerned about getting in and out of the boat given his mobility limitations. He said they can drive me right up to a floating dock and they can help me get to and in and out of the boat. We are really looking forward to the trip. When Dudley was a teenager he went on some great fishing trips with his dad on a few private lakes. May can't get here fast enough. Dudley is ready to catch some big bass.

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