Friday, March 11, 2011


Americas Top Women Sailors ...

this photo is from the October 15, 1956 issue of Sports Illustrated. It shows the participants of the 1956 Adams Cup Race. That was the year four young gals from Texas who up until the race, had only sailed on an inland 9,000 acre land locked Texas lake, made history. These girls traveled from Fort Worth, known as "Cowtown" due to its Western heritage up to the East Coast. The girls from the Fort Worth Boat Club competed and shocked the sailing world when they beat the local sailors on their home water winning the American Women's Sailing Championship and the Adams Cup for 1956. They probably still can't believe they got beat by a bunch of Texas Cowgirls. Dudley bought the magazine off eBay and gave it to one of his his stepsisters. Her mother was one of the four sailing champions from Fort Worth over 54 years ago.

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