Sunday, January 2, 2011


Taken The First Night With The Deer Cam ...

of a little fork horn. No doubt a one and one half year old buck. This deer is protected by the antler restrictions that have been in force the last two years. To be legal, a buck has to have at least a 13 inch inside spread. Frank had to pass on a nice 8 point earlier in the season because he was not sure he would quite measure up. Hopefully in the coming years, there will be more big antlered mature bucks walking the woods as a result of the new laws aimed at giving the young bucks a chance to mature and grow bigger antlers. First night for the camera and Frank already has a photo of a buck he has not seen in many hours of hunting. It is going to be fun to see what is out there.

13 inch spread?
I've never managed to get a buck to stand still long enough to take an actuall measurement such as that. Tough enough to count one inch long tines (3 on a side here in my PA area).
They say a good way to make a quick judgement is if the antlers are wider than the tips of the ears. If you shoot one that is twelve and seven eighths you are subject for a five hundred dollar fine I believe and you will lose your deer.

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