Monday, January 17, 2011


Dudley Has Been Sick As A Dog The Last Few Days ...

Last Wednesday night, Dudley had a bad night, had trouble sleeping and kept waking up. Had to make several quick trips to the rest room. By that afternoon Dudley got up and was dizzy and feeling worse. Dudley knew he had a bad sinus infection and needed some antibiotics. Called the primary care doctor and was not able to get a live person on the phone. Tried calling my neurologists office and spoke to a nurse and told her my symptoms and asked if the doctor could call me in a prescription for some antibiotics. She told me she would talk to the doctor and get back with me. She called me a few minutes later and said the doctor wanted me to go to the ER. She said that Dudley should not let the ER doctor send him home. To make a long story short, Dudley spent three days and nights in the hospital. Dudley is back home now and is still real weak but taking antibiotics and hopefully in time will get to feeling better.

Shoot! That sounds like you had a real bad time of it, hoss!

May those antibiotics whip the snot out of the bad guy germs running around in your system!

Get better soonest.
Feeling better now Joated, Thanks!

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