Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Frank Got A New Primos Truth 60 Game Cam ...

yesterday evening. He and Jeff made a run to Cabelas after work. Frank had a twenty dollar off coupon and got the camera for $159.99. Am looking forward to seeing what kind of photos he can get of the deer and hogs down at his grandfathers farm. The camera is infrared and takes black and white photos at night and color photos in the day time. Dudley wishes they had these back thirty years ago when he started deer hunting. The photos are date and time stamped and also gives the temperature and moon phase at the time the photo was taken. Frank just needs to go buy 4 D alkaline batteries and a couple of SD cards and he will be ready to go install his new game cam and start getting some pictures.

Warm Frank that those game cameras can be addictive! Very, very addictive!
Thanks Joated he has been duly warned. I can't wait to see what pics he comes up with. Wish game cams had been around back when I was still able to walk and hunt those same woods he is now hunting.

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