Friday, November 19, 2010


JT Got A Doe Today ...

up in Arkansas. JT is the young man Dudley met and became friends with in 2007 when Dudley went to Arkansas for a hunt for disabled hunters. JT is disabled as is Dudley but that does not stop us from going deer hunting when we have an opportunity and someone to help us. JT made a 100 yard shot with his .308 putting the doe down. JT and his mom and dad are going to have some venison in time for Thanksgiving. Way to go JT!

I'm turning green here!
(Jealousy is an evil emotion.)

Way to go JT!
I am a little jealous as well Joated. I am probably not going to get a chance to go hunting this year.

Congrats to JT! :)
Thanks Marian

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