Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Getting Ready For Thanksgiving Here At The Dudley Domicile ...

looking forward to food and football. After lunch tomorrow am looking forward to watching the Cowboy game and then watching A&M vs Texas. Dudley has been busy dealing with the Insurance Company. Frank was on his way to work Friday morning driving on the Interstate when he slowed for traffic. He was just about stopped in a line of traffic when a young girl hit his truck from behind at a pretty good clip. Don't know for sure but she was probably distracted by a cell phone or something. She got a ticket for failure to control speed. It tore her car up pretty bad. The whole front end was pushed back, the radiator was leaking and the hood was pushed up to the windshield. The front of her car hit going under his rear bumper and receiver hitch. Frank's truck is drivable but the rear bumper is pushed down and his hitch and frame are probably bent. He braced on the steering wheel when he saw in his mirror he was going to get hit. The impact threw him back and forward again. He was able to get on the brakes and just avoided hitting the vehicle stopped ahead of him. He went on to work Friday but by the end of the day, his back was hurting pretty bad. We tried to get him to go to the clinic but he refused to go. By Sunday afternoon, he was hurting pretty bad and over the counter pain meds were not working so he finally agreed to go to the doctor. He is taking some medication now but still is in a lot of pain. If he is not better by Sunday, am going to make him go back to the doctor. Hope he gets to feeling better soon. He has to finish up this semester at school and get back to work as soon as he is able.

Back injuries due to whiplash can be insideous little b*st*rds. You ride herd on Frank and make sure he goes back to the clinic ASAP. He needs to see a spinal doctor.
Thanks Joated, don't worry, I am going to make sure he follows up with the doctor after the holiday weekend.

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