Sunday, November 7, 2010


Frank Called This Morning From East Texas ...

with big news. He was deer hunting down at the farm with his buddy Jeff. Frank said about seven this morning he was watching the power line right of way his stand sits on. He had spread corn out on the ground the day before for the deer. Frank said close to twenty wild hogs came out of the woods and started to eat the corn. He said they all appeared to be about the same size and were big. He picked out one that he thought might be a little bigger than the others . He lined up the cross hairs on our .243 model 700 and squeezed off a shot. Frank was pretty excited and he called Jeff to tell him about the hogs. Jeff was hunting in another stand and said he had heard the shot and the hog squeal. They messed up the deer hunting for the morning, but it was worth it. Frank bagged his first ever wild hog. Frank said he thought the big sow he shot weighed close to 200 pounds. The hog has a long snout and a brown coloration like the original Russian strain of wild hogs. It was a great morning in the Piney Woods of East Texas. Not such a good morning for the hog.

MMMMM! Pork tenderloin for dinner!

Nice shooting.

Frank's gonna be living high off the hog for a while. (Sorry. Couldn't pass that one up.)
Joated he is still up on cloud nine after shooting that big pig. He shot it from 140 yards away. He verified the distance with a laser rangerfinder. They are going back this weekend. I hope the hogs show back up so Jeff can get one. And there is always the chance a big whitetail buck could show up to mess up the hog hunting:)

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