Thursday, October 21, 2010


I Took These Photos Last Week While I Was ...

out watching trains. I don't usually like seeing graffiti on railroad cars or anything else for that matter. I did however get a kick out of this graffiti on a rail car that only a die hard deer hunter could approve of. Speaking of die hard deer hunters. My friend who I hunted with in Arkansas, J.T. back in 2007 was deer hunting last Sunday with a friend of his, Ronald. He is about my age and owns some land and takes J.T. hunting every year. He enjoys taking disabled hunters like J.T. out and helping them get a deer. Ronald and J.T. were out hunting and Ronald was in his stand and started having chest pains. He walked to his truck and left J.T. out hunting in another stand. He went home and a family member talked him into going to the hospital. Too make a long story short, he had a heart attack on Sunday morning, had heart surgery on Monday, was released from the hospital on Tuesday and went home. Ronald went out this evening and climbed into his deer stand and killed a six point buck with his muzzleloader! Now that is a dedicated deer hunter.

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