Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Here Are Some Photos Of The Deer Stand Frank and Jeff Are Building ...

they got the majority of it built a few weekends ago. Since then, Dudley's father in law has enclosed the end and installed a door and put on a tin roof. He also sealed and painted the wood. The only thing left to do is put some carpet on the floor. They are going back to East TX this weekend to load it onto a trailer and take it down to the farm and set it up. There was a great baseball game on last night with the Rangers beating the Rays 5 to 1. The Rangers are now going to play the Yankees in the ALCS. Dudley has been a Ranger fan for 39 years. Frank and Jeff drove up to DFW airport this morning and were there at 2:45 AM when the Rangers jet landed. They were there to cheer on the team along with about 2000 other fans. Frank said they watched the owners, managers, coaches and all the players disembark the plane. He got to high five Vlad Guerrero who was one of the heroes of last nights game scoring one of the five runs. He did not get home till almost five this morning and slept a couple of hours and then went to work and is mowing yards all day. Dudley was tempted to go with him and cheer on the team but Dudley is getting too old for those kind of adventures. Better to leave that to the 21 year olds.

Since I really and turely hate the Yankees, I'll be rooting for the Rangers in this series. As for who to root for int he WS...well, I confess to favoring the league that still plays 9-men to a side...even if that means I'd have to back the *spit* Phillies.
"turely" = "truely" but I'm sure you knew that.

As for the blind. Looks reall nice. How about sharing some dimensional drawings with us so we can get some ideas on how to build one of our own?
Joated I truely hate the Yankees as well. If only the Rangers can find a way to upset those damn Yankees. What sweet revenge that would be! The plans for the deer stand are in my 83 year old father in laws noggin. He sent the young men to the lumber yard with a list of materials and when they got back, he had them sawing two by fours and plywood. They were in awe of how well an 83 year old retired electrician could swing a hammer. Frank said he is still trying to figure out how his grandfather was able to cut the wood at the proper angles and get everything to fit together. He helped me build a few deer stands 25 or 30 years ago. I remember also being in awe of the "old man's" carpentry skills.

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