Sunday, October 17, 2010


Frank And Jeff Went Down To The Farm ...

yesterday with Frank's grandfather and set up the new deer stand Jeff is going to hunt out of. It looks pretty good and I hope he has some good luck and gets a deer out of it this year. Frank called me this morning, he and Jeff were on their way to the lumbar yard to buy some PVC pipe. They are going to make some gravity flow corn feeders to put on a few trees in sight of the new deer stand. They must be pretty serious about hunting to miss watching the Ranger game yesterday and the Cowboy game today. The Rangers won yesterday and the series with the Yankees is tied at one game each. After the Rangers strong showing yesterday, Dudley is still hopeful the Rangers will find a way to get past the Yankees. After losing game one subsequent to blowing a five run lead late in the game, Dudley was getting worried. After yesterdays game, Dudley's dream of attending a World Series game is still very much alive.

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