Friday, October 8, 2010


Dudley Went And Watched Trains Again The Other Day ...

for a while. Saw a couple of unusual trains in addition to the usual freight traffic. The first was a BNSF locomotive pulling five or six old stainless steel passenger cars from the glory era of rail travel. You can see part of this train in the first two photos above. I guess they were moving these cars for some reason. I don't think they had any passengers on board but am not absolutely certain of that. I talked to a rail fan that arrived later and told him about the train and he wished he had been there to see it. He said it sounded like passenger cars used for railroad executives to travel on and for special excursion passenger trains. The second interesting train was a BNSF track renewal train. It was just heading in for the evening. There were three workers riding on this train but it looked like they were through working for the day. I saw a video on You Tube of one of these trains in operation. It is a sight to see as it picks up the rail as it moves along and has claw arms that reach down and pull out the old railroad ties and sets them aside and then replaces them with brand new ties and then sets the rails back down. It must drive new spikes in as well to hold the rails in place. Dudley is excited to see the Rangers win the first two games of the series with Tampa Bay. Frank has tickets to the games on Saturday and Sunday if needed. Go Rangers! It looks like the AL Championship series may be the Rangers vs the Yankees. The Yankees have won the first two games against the Twins. I think the Rangers may very well be able to beat the Yankees this time around. If so the Rangers will be in the World Series for the first time. Dudley signed up today for a lottery to have the opportunity to purchase tickets to the World Series if the Rangers make it. For Dudley to be able to attend a World Series game with the Rangers playing would be a dream come true. Dudley and a lot of Ranger fans have been waiting for a very long time.

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