Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Dudley Was On A Mission Today ...

to find a New Era Official On Field Texas Rangers World Series Cap in red(they also come in blue.) I could not believe they did not have any at the gift shop at the ballpark. Checked with a couple of local sporting goods stores and they did not have any. Called this morning and finally found one in a specialty cap store at the mall. I went over there this afternoon and bought one in 7 5/8." I paid extra to have some deer antlers embroidered on the back. There were two young guys in the store and one of them said he had standing room only tickets to the game on Sunday. I told him when my son saw my cap, he would probably be down there to buy him one. The guy gave me a twenty percent off card for future purchases. When I got home, Frank was at the house. I walked in and told him he had been "Out Whataburgered" once again. He just called from the mall and said they did not have his size in blue. He is on the way to the other mall across town to see if the store there has one. Can't wait for Wednesday night and the start of the World Series. Go Rangers!

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