Thursday, October 14, 2010


Dudley Was Disappointed Yesterday When He ...

received an email from the Texas Rangers that my entry into the Lottery to be able to buy tickets early was not selected. That meant that Dudley would have to try and get tickets Sunday morning at 9:00 AM either online or by calling (good luck getting through) or go try to wait in a mile long line at the ticket office. Dudley has an idea the tickets to the World Series will sell out pretty quickly. Dudley knows if he is going to have any chance to go to the game he will have to buy the tickets at the gate price and not the inflated prices the ticket outlets charge. Dudley was sitting in his truck this afternoon watching trains when his cell phone rang. Dudley answered it and a sweet sounding young lady said she was with the Texas Rangers ticket office and said they had received my lottery application and that I could purchase tickets to the World Series if I was still interested. I told her YES and told her she had made my day! I told her I would need to buy the lower priced tickets and would need one wheelchair seat for myself and at least one companion seat. I told her the other three seats could be in a different area if need be. She did split the seats into two groups. Frank and I are going to be sitting in the handicapped seating area in the Center Field Bleacher area. Dudley's sister, wife and daughter are going to be sitting up in the third deck on the third base side. Dudley has dreamed of going to the World Series since he was a little boy. Dudley called everybody and told them I had scored tickets to the series. Dudley's sister was driving home from work and she was so excited it is a wonder she did not run off the road. It is going to be an uphill battle to beat the Yankees but the Rangers have the best team they have ever had in their 39 years in Texas. I hope the Rangers can play at their best and win the ALCS. If the Rangers advance to the World Series, Dudley will be there!

I have the most wonderful Brother in the world! (At least for today!)
I'll be rooting for the Rangers against those D*mn Yankees (is that redundant?) in the hope that you and your's can enjoy some World Series atmosphere!
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