Monday, August 30, 2010


Lizzie Started College Today And Frank Starts Tomorrow ...

Dudley and wife for the first time have not one but two kids in college. We have applied for some financial aid but have an idea we probably make too much money to get much help. If this country continues on the current path of excess spending, and bigger government we will all be poor enough to qualify for Federal assistance but by then, there won't be any available. I guess we will just keep trying to make it the best we can and hope for the best. Good Luck Frank and Lizzie, study hard and give your best effort. Your future will depend on what you accomplish in the present. Work hard now, it will pay off later.

Call it the empty house--and empty wallet--syndrome.

Enjoy it while you and the Mrs. can. If the jpb market doesn't improve, Frank will have to move in with youse guys when he graduates! And Lizzie won't be far behind. ;-)
They are both still living here and going to a local college. I know what you mean about the empty wallet. The future is not certain, but I would rather face it with a college degree than without.

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