Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Dudley Got Out This Afternoon And Went To ...

the bank. Then he went and got a cheeseburger at Sonic and then went to the lab to get some blood drawn. This is for another test to help Dudley's neurologist try and determine which kind of muscular dystrophy Dudley is suffering from. There are many different types and I guess a specific test has to be done for each one to confirm or rule out a diagnosis. This time the doctor is checking for FSHD. The doctor said the test is expensive and he is going to try and determine what type of MD Dudley has so he can get a better handle on the prognosis. At least Dudley did not pass out today like he did the last time he had blood drawn. Going back to the doctor in a few months and should find out the test results then. Frank is out at the Hawks Creek Golf Club with Jeff fishing today. Hopefully they will catch some fish. Frank took his new fly rod and reel and his ultralight spinning outfit. Hopefully he will take some photos of any fish he catches. Dudley and Frank are leaving the end of the week to go on a fishing trip down at the Texas Coast at Matagorda. Hopefully the fish will be biting and the weather will be good. Dudley has not been fishing in three years and is ready to get out on the water and catch some fish.

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