Monday, August 16, 2010


Dudley And Frank Are Back From A Trip To The Texas Coast ...

at Matagorda. Dudley had signed up for an event for disabled fisherman to go out on a free guided fishing trip. We drove down there Friday and checked into our room. We then went over to the fire hall to the fish fry. We met the facilitator for the event and talked with some of the other fisherman and locals. We went back to the motel and watched the Rangers beat the Red Sox and then went to sleep. We got up at 5:00 AM and were at the Matagorda Harbor before 6:00 AM. We met one of our guides and climbed aboard a beautiful 24 foot El Pescador flats boat. He said we were going to go out and fish for a short time outside the harbor and then go back in and pick up the boat owner and his wife and then go out to the bay and fish the rest of the morning. We went out a ways and Frank put out the anchor and we threw out a couple of live shrimp under popping corks. After a short while, I got a bite but set the hook and felt no resistance. A short time later, the boat owner called and we went back to the dock to pick him and his wife up. The boat owner who is disabled and in a wheel chair and his wife got on board. He restarted the boat and it promptly died. Fort the next twenty minutes they tried to get the motor started but it was not going to happen. We drifted across the harbor and had to wave down another boat to tow us back to the launching ramp. As quick as it had started, our fishing trip was over. Took a few photos as we were being towed in, will post them tomorrow. I can not believe we drove over six hundred miles on this trip and got to only fish a total of ten minutes. Dudley should have stayed home.

So sorry to hear about your fishing trip...that sucks! :(
Thanks Marian, have had better trips for sure.

Just think of that beautiful sky photo you would not have "caught" had you been busy looking down at your bobber.
But that's just me, I love Sky eye candy...the sun, moon, clouds, etc.
Chevy it was a beautiful sunrise for sure but I would have rather caught a fish:)

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