Thursday, July 1, 2010


Dudley's Old School Trout Net He Bought On Ebay ...

came in the mail today. It appears to have never have been used and is a work of art. It was made by Ed Cumings Inc. of Flint Michigan. It is handcrafted of steam bent strips of wood. It is varnished and polished to a beautiful finish and has a cool decal of a flint arrowhead on the leather tipped handle. This company made a lot of these nets I think going back to the thirties. I do not think they make them like this any more. They are still in business but there were not any wooden nets on their website. The net came with the original lanyard and snap swivel clip attached. I got the net for twenty dollars even which was a good deal. I have seen these nets listed at antique store websites costing close to one hundred dollars and they were not in nearly as good condition as the net I received. Dudley never went trout fishing which is kind of sad. Dudley's father loved to trout fish and made several trips to New Mexico and Colorado when he was growing up. He made one last trip up there to fish after Dudley was grown not long before he died. He did not catch many fish and he was disappointed to see most of the places he used to fish back when he was a young man had been closed off to fishing. Dudley is not going to be able to go but is thinking about sending Frank on a guided float trip on the southern most trout fishing river in the country. It is the Guadalupe River here in Texas below Canyon Lake and every winter some huge trout are caught out of it's waters. It is strictly catch and release fishing for several miles and Frank would have a blast catching some on his fly rod/reel. Dudley has an idea Frank's Grandfather would approve.

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