Friday, July 16, 2010


Dudley Has A Collection Of Landing Nets ...

displayed for the photo hanging on the fireplace from the nails we use for our stockings at Christmas. Dudley bought the net on the far right off eBay around seven years ago after we moved into our current house. Dudley had hung his trophy Largemouth Bass on the wall in the front room. There was a bare space on the wall next to the mount so Dudley looked and found the net and got it for around ten bucks. When the net came, Dudley examined it and could tell it was well made and was in like new condition. The seller described it as an unused net and did not give any idea of it's origin or maker. Yesterday, Dudley got Frank to look at the net for any signs of a makers mark. Dudley's eyes are not that great any more. Frank found the net was indeed signed by the maker and he could make out all but the first letter. After some Google research, Dudley determined the net was made by Meisselbach & Bro. Dudley was amazed to read about the history of this company started by the son of German immigrants to the USA in 1885. From reading about the history of this company, it would appear that this net could very well be over 100 years old. What an amazing piece of fishing history!

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