Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Dudley Got Out And Ran Some Errands Today ...

first, Dudley and daughter went by the bank, then we went by Chick Fil=A for lunch. We drove over and ate in Dudley's truck parked in the parking lot at Hawks Creek Golf Club. While we were eating we were treated to an airshow with a couple of fighter jets from the nearby Naval Air Station circling the area and darting in and out of the clouds, doing barrel rolls and just having fun. Gave us a great show and Dudley wants to come back in his next life as a fighter pilot. After eating, daughter drove home and Dudley continued on to the barber shop for a much needed haircut. After that, Dudley went by the drive through convenience store to buy Lottery tickets. Dudley is going to win the big one one of these days. Dudley then went back home and was glad to get back inside to the AC. It is hot outside and Dudley was glad to get his errands done as there is an 80% chance of rain tomorrow. Frank is working today mowing yards for the lawn service. He came home yesterday after working and cooked some exotic deer burgers out on the grill, they sure were good. Frank got his custom build fly rod yesterday. I waited for him to get home and let him open it up. It is a beautiful fly rod and Dudley can not believe he was able to get such a good deal on the rod. Monday, Frank and Dudley are going to go get a case for it. Not sure when Frank will be going fishing again, hopefully he will get to go before too long.

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