Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Frank Is Leaving Tomorrow For His Summer Trip ...

to the legendary Landcut on the Texas coast. He and Jeff are driving to Corpus Christi and are going to meet the rest of Jeff's family at their condo. Frank and Jeff are taking their kayaks and are going to try to do some fishing in the area for a few days. Then Frank and Jeff and the guys will load up the power boats and head out the Inter Coastal water way and cross Baffin Bay and enter the landcut. They will go south for several miles to their remote fishing cabin. Behind the cabin is the sprawling Kenedy Ranch. They fish at night off of their dock under lights powered by a generator. The lights attract lots of bugs that attract a lot of small fish which in turns attracts lots of bigger fish. Frank says the water will be teeming with speckled trout. Last summer Frank caught over two hundred in one night. A lot were undersized and were released but they kept quite a few of the larger ones. Last fall, Frank caught a twenty pound thirty six inch Redfish. Frank is working for the lawn service today, Dudley needs to get off the computer and get busy helping Frank get his tackle ready for the trip. Dudley needs to tie a leader onto his fly line and tie a saltwater popper on with a drop leader tied to either a crab or shrimp fly. Need to tie some drop lines to all of his flies and tie a redfish rig to his baitcasting rod and reel. Should be another great trip and hopefully Frank can take a lot of photos so Dudley can experience the trip as well and share them here on Dudley's Diary.

Tell my favorite nephew to have a great time!
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