Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Frank Got Back Home This Morning From His Trip To The Coast ...

he was tired but they had a great time. Frank said the total numbers of speckled trout may have been down but that the average size may have been a little bigger. They are looking forward to going back in the fall and catching some of the Bullreds that migrate in the cut that time of year. Frank and Dudley watched a movie this morning and then he went and got us some BBQ sandwiches. He has gone over to see his grandmother. Lizzie went swimming with one of her friends earlier and she is back home resting now. It is going to be near 100 degrees outside today. Good day for Dudley to stay inside in the AC. Looking forward to watching the Rangers again tonight. They won a close game last night. The Lakers beat the Celtics last night. Dudley is looking forward to watching game seven tomorrow night. Dudley is pulling for the Celtics but will be surprised if they can pull off a win.

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