Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Frank Called Yesterday Evening With A Fishing Report ...

from the Texas Coast. He said they were back at the condo on Padre Island after a trip to the Landcut. He said he fished all night from sundown on Sunday until sunrise on Monday. He said the Bullreds did not show this trip but that they did catch some undersized "Rat" Reds that they threw back. He said they caught a total of 24 keeper trout. Frank said they were up to almost twenty inches in length. Frank said he caught the biggest trout of the trip on Dudley's old graphite fly rod and reel. He also caught the most keeper trout of this trip. Frank said he caught eight keeper trout total and that he caught five on the fly rod. Dudley bought him a small saltwater popper and some shrimp and crab flies shown above from Jim Green of Tyler, TX. He ties some of the best flies around. The quality is second to none and his prices are reasonable also. Frank said they trout were tearing into the little brown crab fly. He tied it on a leader of about eighteen inches to the hook of the saltwater popper. He fished from the back of the boat which was tied up at the end of the dock. He would cast out to the edge of the light on the water and the trout would hit it taking the popper under. He said the bigger ones would take off pulling drag on the fly reel making that wonderful noise that all fly fishermen love to hear. He said they lost count of the number of undersized trout they caught and threw back. He said the action was pretty much non stop until sunrise when it turned off as though someone had flipped a switch. Frank will be back Wednesday night. Can't wait to see him and hopefully he will have some photos for Dudley's Diary.

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