Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Frank And Dudley Went Out To Mineral Wells State Park ...

yesterday evening. Frank drove and Dudley just went along for the ride. The park is located about 40 miles from the house. It is a beautiful park over 3,200 acres in size with a 600 acre lake. Frank launched his kayak at the boat ramp near the park store and paddled about three hundred yards or so out to a couple of islands located out in front of the dam. He fished for about two hours with Dudley's old fly rod and reel and caught around ten sunfish on a popper with a dropper fly tied to the hook on a short leader. Dudley drove through the park while Frank was fishing. Did not see any deer, it was hot and I am sure they were bedded down in the shade. We left the park before dark and drove in to Mineral Wells. We got a milkshake and a hamburger at Whataburger and then headed home. We drove by the old Baker Hotel. Still has a for sale sign out front. Dudley has heard rumors that a group of investors may be close to a deal to purchase the old hotel with plans to restore it. I hope so as Dudley would like to see the restored hotel and stay there for a night. Some say the old building is haunted but Dudley will take his chances.

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