Sunday, June 13, 2010


Dudley Spoke To Frank This Morning ...

He and Jeff were making last minute preparations to their fishing tackle getting ready for the boat trip down to Jeff's grandfather's remote fishing cabin down on the Landcut. It is located long way to the south of their condo in Corpus Christi on Padre Island. They will pull out of the boat slip at the condo and go through the canal into the Upper Laguna Madre. They will turn left and go south for several miles until they get to Baffin Bay. They cross the bay continuing south until they get to the north end of the Landcut. They enter the cut and then go south several more miles until they get to their cabin on the west side of the cut. You can see a map of the area and a Google Earth image of the cabin. It takes over three hours to get down there by boat. You have to take all of your food, water and gasoline for the outboard and diesel for the generator that powers the lights for the cabin and the fishing lights on the dock. They will probably cook out on the grill this evening, drink a beer or two and then wait for the sun to go down. When it gets dark, they turn on the lights and start catching fish. The lights pull in huge schools of speckled trout and some bull reds if they are lucky. I hope Frank takes a lot of pictures so I can share them on Dudley's Diary.

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