Saturday, June 12, 2010


Dudley Is Watching The Ranger Game Today ...

and tonight is going to watch UFC on PPV. Frank is down in Corpus Christi. He and Jeff have been out in their kayaks at least once out in the bay and I know they have made one late night trip out to Bob Hall Pier. I don't think they have been catching very much but that is about to change as they are going down to the Landcut tomorrow. They have a swimming pool at the Condominiums where they are staying. I have an idea all of the bikini clad young ladies laying out at the pool have been distracting the young men and keeping them from going fishing as much as usual. Oh how I wish to be 21 years old again with the knowledge and know how it has taken me 51 years to acquire. Dudley won the auction on EBay for the vintage spinnerbaits new in the package. They are a piece of Bass fishing history and are a great addition to Dudleys fishing lure collection. As I related yesterday, Dudley and his father both caught a bass over five pounds on a yellow and black Zorro Aggravator on the same day, many years ago. This spinnerbait won the first ever Bass Masters Classic on Lake Mead in Nevada in 1971. The Small Okie Bug won the second Classic on Lake Percy Priest in Tennessee the following year. I found them on EBay by accident and sniped them at the last second. There was another fisherman that wanted them, but Dudley wanted them more.

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