Saturday, June 19, 2010


Dudley Is Home Alone, Holding Down The Fort ...

for a time. Dudley's wife and daughter left earlier today for East TX to go visit the in laws. Dudley has fed and watered the dog and cat and is watching the news. Frank was around the house most of the day. He washed and waxed his pick up. He went and got us some BBQ sandwiches earlier. He left to go hang out with his friends and came by later to get his swimsuit. Said they were going swimming over at some girls house. Told him I would see him in the morning and to be careful and don't do anything stupid. Dudley watched the Rangers win again against the Astros. Looks like the Rangers may get the Silver Boot once again. The Rangers are playing a day game tomorrow. Hope the Rangers win again. One of these days, Dudley is going to buy some tickets and go see a Ranger game in Houston at Minutemaid Park. The first MLB game Dudley ever went to was back in the late 60's when Dudley saw the Astros play the Cardinals down in the Astrodome. Dudley was around nine years old at the time and it was quite an experience.

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