Thursday, June 24, 2010


Dudley Found A Treasure On Ebay Last Night ...

it is a Falls City "My Buddy" metal tackle box in unused NOS condition. It still has the key in the envelope inside the box like the day it left the factory. Dudley has two other similar metal tackle boxes he uses to store his collection of antique fishing lures. One is a bright red three tray model that was also NOS. The other is a burgundy two tray model like the one above. The only difference I can see is the olive green model only has one latch where the other one has three. Dudley likes the two tray models better as they are much easier to open and close. The three tray model is cumbersome to open and close and takes two hands. Also the compartments are too small on the three tray model. It is a shame that metal tackle boxes are no longer being manufactured. When Dudley was a kid, his father bought him his first tackle box. It was made of metal and had one tray. It had a twelve inch ruler pressed into the lid which was handy for measuring fish. That tackle box was brown in color and is long gone. Dudley replaced it with a large tackle box when he was a young teenager. That box was red and was made of plastic. Dudley fished with that box for twenty years and then replaced it with a bigger box also made of plastic. Metal tackle boxes have much more character than plastic. Too bad they are no longer being made. Now if Dudley could only find that little dented and rusted brown metal tackle box he threw away about forty years ago, now that would be a prize!

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