Monday, June 21, 2010


Dudley Bought A Fly Reel On EBay ...

the other day. It is a decades old Pflueger Medalist and was made in the U.S.A. The reel has been upgraded with new improved parts and is so much nicer than the junk they are importing from China these days. Dudley has seen quite a few similar reels sell for two hundred dollars and up so Dudley felt pretty good about getting this one for $102.50. Dudley likes collecting things. Always has and always will. Dudley has collected briar pipes, pipe tobacco and has a collection of fishing lures and tackle. And then there is the collection of hunting and fishing books. A collection of toys, GI Joe's 40th Anniversary sets and Hot Wheels Classic sets. Dudley is now enjoying collecting quality fly fishing rods and reels. Dudley's wife spends her money going to the beach. Dudley spends his collecting things. Dudley is not able to go deer hunting much any more but he enjoys hunting on EBay. When a vacation to the beach is over, it is over. There is nothing left but the memories. Collections are more tangible, more lasting and to some, more worthwhile.

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