Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Dudley Ordered A New Fiberglass Fly Rod Today ...

from W.W. Grigg rod company. It is a Vintage Glass model eight foot in length, two pieces and a 5/6 weight fly line rod. Never have heard of this rod company but they have been in business for a long time. The rod looks great, really like the yellow blank and bright red wraps. Am going to retire my Pflueger rod and take my barely used graphite fly reel and put on the new rod. Am going to get some new line for it as well as some new backing and a furled leader. I got my new bamboo fly rod yesterday but after putting it together and feeling the action, I am afraid to use it much as I would probably break it. Am just going to admire it and think about the times Dudley and his father went fishing and dad fished with his old Granger bamboo fly rod. This fiberglass rod will be a lot more fishable and I won't have to worry about breaking it as it only cost about seventy bucks. It is beautiful and a real value in a classic fiberglass fly rod.

A vintage bamboo fly rod could attract a steep price especially when tested heavily by time and experience. A personally made bamboo fly rod assures the user that there were no shortcuts in the way this rod was made and that there is no short changing of the finest materials used to create such. The result is no less than the finest hand crafted bamboo fly rod that is surely meant to become vintage as the years go by.
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