Saturday, May 8, 2010


Here Are Some Photos Of Two Of ...

Dudley's birthday presents. A pair of Fishgillz polarized sunglasses for when Frank and I go fishing down at the coast. Dudley got a real good deal on them online from Gander Mountain for a little less than forty dollars. Frank can afford Costa Del Mar or Maui Jim shades but Dudley will have to settle for these. Dudley also bought four bottles of RC Cola and four Moonpies. Dudley was inspired to try this after seeing the cool Mural his college roommate painted in Ben Wheeler. After finding his roommate on Facebook, Dudley was also inspired to learn his son, Jesse Hale is a member of an up and coming Christian Band which goes by the name Mikeschair. Dudley listens to Christian music in his truck and has heard this band many times on the radio but only recently learned of the connection. Dudley bought two tickets the other day and am looking forward to going with Lizzie to see them in concert with Sanctus Real and Jonny Diaz. Frank is going to cook Sika burgers out on the grill again this evening. Jeff is going to come over and eat with us since he is the one that shot the Sika on our hunting trip last December. A Sika is a member of the Elk family and they make for a fine grilled burger. Dudley is getting hungry just thinking about it.

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