Friday, May 21, 2010


Frank And Jeff Are Down In The Texas Hill Country ...

for three days of kayaking and fishing on the beautiful Medina and Guadalupe rivers. They rented an air conditioned cabin on the river in Kerrville. They are going to fish out of their kayaks this afternoon and evening down near Bandera. Tonight they are going to fish for catfish on the Guadalupe. Early tomorrow morning they are going to go fish a private stretch on the Guadalupe behind the home of the man whose ranch we went hunting on last December. Dudley exchanged emails with a fly fishing guide in the area and got some tips on the types of flies that have been working of late. Dudley loaned his prized fly rod and reel to Frank for this trip. Dudley put a sink tip fly line on the graphite fly reel yesterday and Frank is going to do some fly fishing. He and Jeff have a chance to catch three new species of fish shown above. From top to bottom, they are Guadalupe Bass and Smallmouth Bass and a Rio Grande Cichlid. It would be great if they could add some new species to their catch list. At any rate, they are going to eat some great food, see some beautiful scenery and have a great time kayaking and fishing in the Texas Hill Country. On the way home on Sunday, they are going to possibly fish a third river. Not sure yet which one, could be the Llano, San Saba or possibly another. Frank and Jeff picked up their European mounts of the Whitetail Bucks they got last December and will be bringing them home. Hopefully Frank will take a lot of pictures. Maybe they will catch some fish as well.

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