Sunday, May 30, 2010


Frank And Jeff Are At The Colonial Golf Tournament ...

again today for the final day of play. They have been out there all day Friday, Saturday and today. Frank scored two club house passes Friday from Dudley's aunt. Jeff works at a local golf course and he got passes for yesterday and today. Yesterday afternoon, Frank and Jeff got invited to a private party up on the second story veranda overlooking the 18th green. He said they got to watch all of the golfers finish for the day and got to eat free Mexican food and drank a free beer. Dudley has the tournament on t.v. and just heard some thunder outside and noticed it was raining a few minutes ago . Hopefully they will be able to finish the tournament. Dudley watched the Indy 500 today and will watch the Rangers play baseball tonight. Typical weekend around the Dudley domicile. Dudley and Frank got out yesterday and bought a new lawn mower. Good thing as the grass needs mowing again.

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