Monday, May 17, 2010


Dudley Went To The Doctor's Office Today ...

for a blood draw and as we speak, a vial of Dudley's blood is on ice and on the way to Duke University Medical Center for genetic testing. This is to determine if Dudley may be suffering from Pompe Disease. It sounds strange to say it but Dudley hopes he has this disease since it is the only type of muscular dystrophy for which there is currently a treatment. Dudley is a big wimp and has always been a little squeamish when giving blood. Dudley skipped lunch today which was probably not a good idea. After the nurse was through with drawing the blood Dudley passed flat out in the chair. He came to with the nurse and a doctor hovering over him checking his vitals. Dudley got to sit for a while and a little bit later Dudley's neurologist stuck his head in the door to check on him. A little while later Dudley was given the OK to leave and Dudley drove home without any problem. Dudley is anxious to find out the test results, hopefully it will not take a long time.

Big hug for my Dudley.
Thanks Brigid, you made my day!

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